Optimize Yourself: An Easy Way to Enjoy Wheatgrass


Wheat grass has long been known as excellent superfood and an incredible addition to one’s diet regimen. Not only does wheatgrass contain all minerals known to man, it aids with two of the most critical elements to optimizing yourself – energy and sleep. There’s no doubt it’s something that can help improve health, but the problem is how to consume it on the regular. Growing the actual grass is not simple and requires constant attention (plus lacks the abundance of nutrients that field grown wheatgrass has), while powders are processed to extend shelf-life. Enter flash-frozen wheatgrass.

What is Flash-Frozen Wheatgrass?

Knowing that not all wheatgrass is the same, and that the fresher and less processed it is the better, we’re left with few options. Fortunately, there is a solution. With flash-frozen wheatgrass, intense cold is applied to freshly juiced wheatgrass in order to freeze it rapidly. This causes only small ice crystals to form, which do not rupture cell membranes and ensures the essential properties (color, taste, texture and nutrition) are left intact. The special process allows one to store a clean, living, natural product without sacrificing an abundance of quality.

What’s Wrong with Wheatgrass Powder?

As soon as you take any natural food and manipulate it into a product with additives and a shelf-life, it becomes a processed food. Not to say all processed foods are necessarily bad, but they will never be as good as a fresh food. In the case of wheatgrass powder and/or tablets, what you’re sacrificing is the bioavailability of critical components such as chlorophyll (what gives wheatgrass its bright green color). The quality and bioavailability of chlorophyll is important for detoxification processes (chlorophyll, like chlorella, is excellent for binding to heavy metals and removing from the body) as well as protecting cells from oxidative damage by eliminating free radicals. Wheatgrass powders and pills have only a fraction of the bioactivity of the juice and should be avoided.

How to Get Started with Your Daily Wheatgrass Routine

I’m a big proponent of Dynamic Greens flash-frozen wheatgrass. They cultivate high quality, organic field-grown wheatgrass and have 40 years experience doing so. The process also ensures there are no chemicals and no detectable molds, and the end product is gluten-free and sugar-free. You can purchase easily online and have a 3 month supply delivered quickly.

Getting started is simple. You can incorporate a single frozen cube (they are specially packed in 1 ounce cubes) in half a glass of spring water and allow to melt, then consume. Avoid microwaves as heating wheatgrass juice destroys vitamins and enzymes and compromises its living qualities. You can also make a delicious pineapple-coconut wheatgrass smoothie. Try and use organic pure pineapple juice like the one here, as this will have a higher quality of digestive enzymes (bromelain). It’s just another small step you can take to optimize yourself and live a healthier, more productive life.


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