[intro]Are Your Ready to Fly?[/intro]

What if I told you that you can fly? Literally, elevate yourself off the ground and fly through the sky like Superman. You’d think I’m crazy; and for good reason. There’s gravity, which we’ve been taught from a young age is what keeps us grounded and makes sure we can’t fly. Then there are a whole series of scientific truths that dismiss the idea of any human being able to leave the ground on their own accord and not come right back down. Strength-to-weight ratio, buoyancy, density of air, rules of projectile motion, and conceptual physics on a whole prove to us we can’t fly. But even with all this, a Theoretical Rebel sees the limitless possibilities within them and challenges conventional wisdom, keeping an open mind to all that is conceivable .

One of my favorite scenes and one that really made me think about all this was the ‘Jump Program‘ scene in the Matrix. In this scene (which you can view below), Morpheus instructs Neo to jump from one roof-top to another, separated by a city block – a seeming impossible feat to any human abiding by the laws of science. But what struck me most was not the jump (which Neo fails on his first try), but the speech Morpheus gave before he completed the jump – “You have to let it all go…fear, doubt, disbelief. Free Your Mind.” An amazing motto to live by, even if it isn’t intended to motivate you to believe you can jump across a 250 foot span (or fly for that matter). This is the motto that a Theoretical Rebel lives by – one where your mind does not hold you back, and where anything is possible.


To go a little further than Hollywood theatrics, I’d like to talk about Morris Goodman – also known as “The Miracle Man“. Some may know him from his role in the movie “The Secret“. If you aren’t familiar with his story, Morris was a successful life insurance salesman (one of the most successful in the country), a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, and the owner of an airplane. His whole world was flipped upside down one afternoon when flying his new plane, the landing gears got caught in power lines and he crashed, severely injuring himself. With his spinal cord crushed and every major muscle in his body destroyed, the only function Morris could perform was blinking his eyes. Mr. Goodman reflected on his injuries –

“My diaphragm was destroyed, and I couldn’t breathe. My swallowing reflex was destroyed, and I couldn’t eat or drink. My kidney, bladder, bowel and liver didn’t function. I destroyed pretty much everything in my body. All I could do was blink my eyes, once for yes and twice for no. That’s the way I functioned for a long, long time.”

Doctors informed him that he would never be able to walk, speak, or function normally again. It just wasn’t possible. Modern medicine and science would not allow it. It was completely, and utterly impossible. Or was it?

Morris refused to believe these trained, educated and practical doctors, and took control of his own faith. His first step was learning to breathe without the use of his ventilator. Slowly, Morris trained himself to use his stomach muscles to take small breathes, and over time learned to breathe on his own. He is the only known case in the world which uses his stomach muscles to breathe consciously, and to this day his diaphragm does not work. And 8 months later, he again defied all rational odds by walking out of the hospital on his own accord. He continued his remarkable journey by rebuilding his body and mind, and today he travels the world as a motivational speaker. The doctors had no answers to how this could have happened, and thus dubbed him ‘The Miracle Man’.

[intro]A Theoretical Rebel Sees Miracles Everywhere[/intro]

Morris is a true Theoretical Rebel. He did not listen to the limiting conventional beliefs of others, and paved his own miraculous path. And there are many others like Morris that defied science, reason and understanding to make their own miracles a reality. A Theoretical Rebel can see miracles in every circumstance, and does not allow fear, doubt, or disbelief to get in the way of making their own miracles.
So…..are you ready to fly, to create miracles, and to become a Theoretical Rebel?

Find out more about Morris Goodman “The Miracle Man” at his site

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