Innovative Medicine is a company I co-founded in 2004 in an effort to show more people the massive benefits of alternative / holistic medicine (both words I don’t like to use, but do so for familiarity with the reader). What started as a broad effort to inform the masses slowly became a more focused vision of an advanced form of biological medicine for medical practitioners. Today, Innovative Medicine provides tools, resources and education to practitioner’s across the country so they can practice a sophisticated form of medicine we call the “Art of Medicine”.

The main philosophy of Innovative Medicine is that every one of us is a unique, complicated being. More so, to understand the true state of health of any human, one must look beyond just the physical body, and incorporate the emotional and spiritual aspects of every being. Unfortunately, modern conventional medicine only looks at the physical, and even then rarely concentrates on the root cause or source of dysfunction in the body. Orthodox medicine has become a business of suppressing symptoms and attempting to manage the body – and this is a poor model for health, as seen by the ever rising number of complex chronic diseases and conditions. We live longer, but longer with debilitating diseases and undesired side-effects.  So we’ve been able to increase the quantity of life, but greatly decreased the quality of life. And if it’s one thing that Innovative Medicine stands for, it’s quality.

It is Innovative Medicine’s main goal to change the medical paradigm, to challenge the current medical system, and to show doctors a new paradigm that has produced amazing results with conditions thought of as ‘incurable’. Modern science and the great minds of the past have shown us that an advanced form of healing which locates and corrects dysfunctions on all levels of the body as well as truly prevents an unhealthy state is one that has the greatest success. Health is an amazing blessing, and one which every single human has the ability to obtain. We just need to make a switch in the way we go about it, and Innovative Medicine is dedicated to help make this switch.

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