[intro]Medicine is not only a science;
Medicine is an art. [/intro]

It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided”  ~ Paracelsus

Being a successful physician requires a certain skill. This skill should be considered an art form. Just as great healers and doctors throughout history understood the importance of transforming their skill into an art, one that valued all aspects of the body, so must the modern day practitioner be willing to identify and restore the basic causes of disease and bring about homeostasis. While modern conventional medicine has made great strides in a relatively short time, it has become a business of alleviating symptoms; and a business that has forgotten the art of medicine.

So what exactly is the Art of Medicine? It is a combination of sophisticated and proven methods that when combined together work in a synergistic way for remarkable results. This art form requires great knowledge, and a shift away from trial-and-error work and treating symptoms or working off diagnoses, and using modern science and the understanding of all levels of a human to produce comprehensive, patient-specific program of treatment and prevention so that the body is in complete balance and harmony. This state of complete balance and harmony is also known as perfect health

There are 3 key ingredients that together make-up the Art of Medicine:


A Complete Medicine
Pharmaceutical drugs aim to suppress symptoms and manage biochemical function at the cost of detrimental side effects. But there is a better way. Today, sophisticated biological medicines have the ability to restore rhythm, polarity, and regenerative functions to the body while initiating self-healing. This type of medicine has a broad history going back to the times of Paracelsus, and its advanced production process ensures a purified, concentrated, non-toxic, and highly effective medicine. These medicines are the only known form of medicine that unfolds on all levels of the human at once – body, mind and spirit (also known as the biochemical, PNEI, and informational levels). It therefore is the most complete form of medication available, and has no negative side-effects, making it suitable for all.
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Energy Medicine
If Quantum Medicine has taught us anything, it’s that energy is king. So why do we ignore our own energetic circuits when it comes to health? We now have medical systems that combines the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine with the scientific discoveries of modern molecular biology. The aim of these techniques is to reestablish the energetic qualities of the body and restore its proper self-organization and adaptation ability so that one may achieve the energetic balance for healthy and disease free living.
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Personalized Care
We all contain massive amounts of information within us. A single drop of blood can provide us with such a comprehensive analysis of one’s state, if only we use the proper systems and tools to decode this information. Bioresonance Analysis of Health (or B.A.H. for short) does just this – it allows a practitioner to utilize very sophisticated scientific truths such as quantum mechanics, resonance phenomena, and holographic information, and transfers that into a medical application. This ensures each patient may receive a very specific and detailed analysis and program of treatment that is best suited for them. The days of guesswork are gone.
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Some of the terms and ideas behind of the Art of Medicine may seem complicated, and in reality they are meant to be understood by trained medical professionals. But what doesn’t need to be understood or clarified is the results obtained through the Art of Medicine. When you are able to provide a truly complete method of healing, that is then very specific and tailored to you, the results are nothing short of astonishing. That’s why Innovative Medicine has made it our mission to teach the Art of Medicine to practitioners across the United States and the World.

For more information on any of these 3 special healing modalities, please visit www.innovativemedicine.com.  The blog section of Theoretical Rebel will also discuss the Art of Medicine and utilizing it for healthy living.

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